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I am always interested in comments, questions, and bug reports. Note that I'm not very motivated to add new features unless I see a need for them myself, or it's from someone who's contributed money. This is a labor of love.

Also, please understand that the data structure for the hexes is very compact. This is necessary because of the huge amount of data that can be generated. 64 bits per hex means that an 8-level map, which goes from a continent-sized top-level map down to tactical 5 foot hex maps would, if fully fleshed out, contain 3.3x10^13 hexes, and use almost 2000 terabytes of storage.

It is not possible to add new types of hex information without breaking all existing maps (which I have sworn never to do), or creating the capability to automatically upgrading all old maps, which I don't want to do, either.