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HexMapper is written in Java 1.5. It should be compatible with any OS that has Java 1.5 or later installed.

Executable Jar File (628Kb) -- application for everyone but those using Mac OS X
OS X Disk Image (10Mb) -- application for those using Mac OS X
PDF Documentation (535Kb) -- users manual
XML Schema (12Kb) -- for programming geeks who want to export map data to their own applications
Note: IE has a nasty tendency to try to force jar files to have the .zip extension when saving -- select File Type: All Files and make sure that it saves as HexMapper.jar (no .zip extension)


Date Version Description
11/06/2008 2.2.2 Minor appearance improvements.
9/18/2008 2.2.1 Modified perspective view so the Tilt slider tilts the map, not the point of view.
8/24/2008 2.2 Added ability to export XML file describing current map view.
8/18/2008 2.1 Added stepwise 3-D perspective view of map (in addition to smooth perspective view), with ability to pan, zoom, rotate, and tilt viewpoint. Added ability to print perspective views.
8/11/2008 2.0 Added 3-D perspective view of map, with ability to pan, zoom, rotate, and tilt viewpoint.
8/03/2008 1.1.3 Corrected bug where a map created would improperly save name when "Create Map" button was pressed without exiting map name field after typing name.
07/31/2008 1.1.2 Corrected bug where a map created using meters would, when re-opened (mis-)use miles for units. Interesting note -- this was a bug in a Java library that I've reported.
05/09/2008 1.1.1 Improved selection of contiguous hexes when selecting sub-hexes.
Modified menu management to disallow invalid operations when sub-hexes are selected by an Extend Selection operation.
05/08/2008 1.1 Completed redesigned the contour generation algorithm, resulting in a x100 improvement in time.
Added the ability to select a single hex, then extend the selection to contiguous hexes that match the original hex's elevation, surface, or terrain.
Corrected all known bugs, including occasional improper opening of map when double-clicking map file in OS X and problems with the algorithm for randomizing elevation.
04/21/2008 1.0.4 Corrected error: Maps not always opening when double-clicked in OS X.
04/17/2008 1.0.3 Corrected error: Labels not always rendering properly.
Enhancement: allows sub-hex display to be toggled on/off.
04/12/2008 1.0.2 Corrected error: Zoom not properly refreshing.
Corrected error: Keyboard shortcuts not working for Zoom In and More Contours (note -- I sometimes see a problem in Windows XP with the shortcuts still not working after a map has loaded and before the edit mode has ever changed)
Corrected error: Coordinate transofrm error adding/editing icons and labels while zoomed.
04/07/2008 1.0.1 Corrected error: Newly created map is not rendered if name was set to default name.
04/06/2008 1.0 Initial release